Christmas time often provides that rare opportunity for families to come together as a whole. This couldn't be more true for the Thew family. Having recently increased in number and with a son who lives on the other side of the world, they were extra keen to make the most of their short time together over the holidays. Louise asked me to come along and get some shots at the family home before heading out for a walk around the local nature reserve.  Whilst out on the walk, it provided the opportunity to get plenty of photos of little Oscar, the toddler of the family. Attempting to ask to a child of this age to stand still and smile for the camera for anything longer than 2 minutes was always going to be a challenge; so new surroundings with twigs, water and animals was always going to be a welcome distraction. It also made for some really nice photos. Here's just a few of them.


Thew_family_007 Thew_family_017 Thew_family_015Thew_family_013Thew_family_012Thew_family_014 Thew_family_011 Thew_family_010 Thew_family_009 Thew_family_008Thew_family_002Thew_family_006Thew_family_003Thew_family_005Thew_family_001Thew_family_016 Thew_family_004