First thing tomorrow morning, I'll be heading over to Oulton Hall in Rothwell to shoot Kirby and Adam's wedding. I made my first visit to the venue just a couple of weeks ago when we shot a few pre-wedding photos (seen below). On that day, we had a bit of a mixed bag of weather and I just hope it's kind to them tomorrow.

As well as the plush surroundings and the autumnal feel that this wedding is going to have, I just know that Kirby's extravagant and eclectic taste is going to make this a great day that's going to look fantastic on camera.

Kirby_Adam_0001.jpg Kirby_Adam_0003.jpg Kirby_Adam_0002.jpg Kirby_Adam_0004.jpg Kirby_Adam_0005.jpg Kirby_Adam_0006.jpg Kirby_Adam_0007.jpg Kirby_Adam_0008.jpg Kirby_Adam_0009.jpg Kirby_Adam_0010.jpg Kirby_Adam_0013.jpg Kirby_Adam_0011.jpg Kirby_Adam_0014.jpg Kirby_Adam_0012.jpg Kirby_Adam_0015.jpg Kirby_Adam_0017.jpg Kirby_Adam_0016.jpg Kirby_Adam_0018.jpg Kirby_Adam_0027.jpg Kirby_Adam_0019.jpg Kirby_Adam_0020.jpg Kirby_Adam_0026.jpgKirby_Adam_0025.jpg Kirby_Adam_0022.jpg Kirby_Adam_0021.jpg Kirby_Adam_0023.jpg Kirby_Adam_0024.jpg Kirby_Adam_0028.jpg Kirby_Adam_0029.jpg